Friday, December 2, 2011

Malfunction Indicator Light on 2005 Dodge Ram - PART 2

Ok So I took my truck into Autozone to find the Code. First off it was very simple and the guys there were super helpful. They hooked up the little code reading tool and after a few seconds had a good idea of what "might" be the problem. I had three codes. P0300, P0335 and P0339. I'll explain these in a few and ALSO it didn't cost anything to have them read.
- P0300 - Multiple Cylinder Mis-Fire Misfire detected in multiple cylinders
- P0335 - crankshaft position sensor circuit
- P0339 - crankshaft position sensor condition

SO with these codes now Identified I can move on to fixing the issue. FIRST, i need to research what the codes actually say and What some of the Internet Forums are saying about them as far as a Fix. SO I searched for "dodge 2005 hemi engine code p0335" and found multiple links to some forums and how to's.

So with this info I know believe it is the Crankshaft Sensor so I went down to Autozone had them look up the part and I bought it. $24.68 After tax and I know need to FIND where it is located and then install it. Most of the forum posts are in relation to "WHERE IS THE dang thing" I have an idea it is on the back bottom of the engine on the passenger side. I will take pictures and post when I find out more info.

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